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Community & Economic Impact


In 2010, Overture Center commissioned AMS Planning & Research to define Overture's impact on the Greater Madison community.

Their results confirm what many have long suspected: Overture, its resident companies and audiences are a major driver of economic activity for the entire region.


First, a few things we already knew:


In Overture’s first five years of operation:

  • Nearly 1.8 million people have attended more than 2,200 Overture events.
  • Nearly 700,000 people have attended ticketed performances by touring artists.
  • 235,000 school children have attended Overture OnStage performances during the school day.
  • More than 370,000 people have attended free and low-cost community events, meaning more than 600,000 people have attended a community engagement or educational program at Overture.
  • More than 500,000 people have attended performances by our resident companies, other local arts groups and promoters.


Add that to the study's key findings:

  • More People: In 2008, activity by Overture Center and its resident companies drew over 541,000 people.
  • Greater Reach: Overture Center draws county residents to downtown, while providing entertainment and education options to the entire area.
  • More Money: Audiences and visitors spent an additional $9.8 million related to their attendance, above and beyond the price of tickets, including meals and lodging downtown.
  • More Value: Property values in the area surrounding the Overture Center increased significantly in the decade between Overture’s announcement in 1998 and its full operation in 2008.
  • More Jobs: In 2008, Overture Center activity supported 1,471 full-time equivalent jobs in the Greater Madison Area.
  • More Income for Residents: In that same period, Overture Center activity accounted for more than $26 million in income to households in Dane County.
  • More Income for Governments: Also in 2008, Overture Center activity helped generate nearly $4.5 million in tax revenues for state and local governments.
  • More Talent: Overture Center is a key factor in the Greater Madison Area’s ability to attract and retain the employees and people it needs to thrive.

So What Does That All Mean?


  • Our programming is popular with the market and provides the majority of our revenue.
  • Overture Center fulfills an important educational and community service need in the Greater Madison community.
  • Overture Center is having a positive effect on the Dane County economy.
  • Overture Center positively enhances the cultural, educational and community opportunities available to the citizens of our area.
  • Overture Center is an essential partner in the Greater Madison area’s economic development efforts.


Download the executive summary of the AMS report here.



Share the News!


Overture leaders are available to present the study findings to your civic group.

To schedule a presentation, or for a copy of the full report, call us anytime at 608.258.4177.