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Services Provided by Overture Center

Educational Programs. Overture Center provides educational experiences for more than 40,000 students every year to enrich the educational experience and help students think more creatively through programs like Overture OnStage, the Arts Education Initiative and the Tommy Awards.

Artistic Experiences. Nearly 200,000 people come to Overture each year for free and low cost artistic experiences through programs like Kids in the Rotunda, International Festival, Overture After Work and Duck Soup Cinema, and another 250,000 come for ticketed events including touring Broadway productions, international recording artists, important dance and theater companies, and many local artists and arts groups.

Support for local artists. Overture provides about $400,000 in subsidized rent to help local performing artists ply their trade in top-notch performance spaces, as well as gallery space and financial support to dozens of local visual artists annually.

Community gathering spaces. Overture provides a magical place to celebrate life’s milestone moments, as well as a place for businesses and organizations to get outside their day-to-day routine for meetings and learning experiences.

Economic impact. Overture Center and the activity in and around it pump about $37 million into the local economy each year, including $27 million in spending by Overture and its resident companies, plus almost $10 million spent at local businesses by audiences above and beyond what they spend on tickets -- things like dinner and drinks and parking.