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Theater Rentals at Overture


Overture Center accommodates major music, dance, comedy, and theater productions, as well as community festivals, recitals, and performances in intimate settings. All of our theatrical spaces feature state-of-the art sound and lighting systems as well as adjacent reception spaces.


For information about booking promoter events, performances, and concerts in Overture Hall or Capitol Theater, please contact Rudy Lienau at 608.258.4161 or [email protected].


For information about booking promoter events, performances, or concerts in The Playhouse or smaller spaces, please contact Jacquie Goetz at 608.258.4153 or [email protected].


To learn about hosting a meeting, conference, banquet, party, or wedding at Overture Center, please visit Host & Cater.



Theater Technical Specifications


For more information about our venues, contact a member of our experienced Technical Staff or browse our Specifications and Charts by Venue:


Download Overture Hall Tech Specs (ZIP, 9.24 MB) »


Download Capitol Theater Tech Specs (ZIP, 16 MB) »


Download The Playhouse Tech Specs (ZIP, 4.5 MB) »


Download Download Promenade Hall Tech Specs (ZIP, 3.1 MB) »


Download Wisconsin Studio Tech Specs (ZIP, 287 KB) »


Download Rotunda Studio Tech Specs (ZIP, 151 KB) »


Download Rotunda Stage Tech Specs (191 KB) »



Theater Technical Staff


Overture’s staff of theater technicians are world-class craftspeople who bring Overture Center events to life through the art and science of stage management, production design, lighting, sound engineering and more.


Rudy Lienau,  Vice President of Operations



Steve Schroeder,  Technical Director



Jacquie Goetz, Director of Event Services



Davin Pickell, Theater Technician



Frank Schneeberger, Theater Technician



John Frautschy, Theater Technician

608.208.7132 (mobile)

608.258.4968 (office)


Brian Anderson, Theater Technician



Jim Schaefer, Theater Technician