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2015 International Festival 

FEB 2015 (Date TBD) | 10 AM - 5:30 PM | Free

Experience a rich tapestry of cultures woven by Dane County artists.  Featurng arts, crafts, food, and performances representing more than 25 cultures, International Festival is a delight of sights, sounds and flavors!


In chronological order, 2014's performers included:

The following abbreviations are used below for the performance venue names:

OHL – Overture Hall Lobby – Located on Level I

OH – Overture Hall – Located on Level I

PH – Promenade Hall – Located on Level II

WS – Wisconsin Studio – Located on Level III

CT – Capitol Theater – Located on Level I

RS – Rotunda Stage – Located on Lower Level


11:00 PM (5min) | OHL | Welcome 

The opening ceremony of the 2014 International Festival.


11:05  PM (7min) | OHL | Swiss Alphorn Group

A lively tune with traditional Swiss mountain instruments.


11:20 PM (60min) | OHL | Atimevu Drum and Dance Group

Traditional Ghanaian folk music and authentic dances from all tribes in Ghana.


12:10 PM (45min) | WS | Istmo Tango Trio

Cellist, violinist and pianist performing traditional and modern tangos.


12:10 PM (25min) | PH | Roots of Brazil Capoeira 

An Afro-Brazilian martial arts dance display with acrobatics.


12:10 PM (45min) | RS | Madison Maennerchor 

Traditional men’s choral singing in the German language.


12:10 PM (45min) | OH | UW Russian Folk Orchestra 

Russian and other Eastern European music performed on authentic folk instruments. 


12:20 PM (25min) | CT | Gaelic Fusion Dance Company 

A whirlwind of dancers in tartan kilts set to the music of the newest bands from Scotland.


12:40 PM (45min) | OHL | Bi Dana

Traditional Irish band with fiddle, concertina, pipes, harp and vocals.


12:55 PM (25min) | PH | Boliviamanta Dance Wisconsin

Traditional Bolivian folkloric dances to promote and share Bolivian culture.


12:55 PM (45min) | RS | Goongoo Peas 

Interactive folk music and storytelling from the Caribbean and African Diaspora.


1:05 PM (25min) | CT | Meenakshi Ganesan & the Kalaanjali School of Dance 

Bharatanatyam, a classical and colorful Indian dance from Southern India.


1:15 PM (25min) | OH | Madison Chinese Cultural Association 

Spectacular Chinese performances and dance in colorful costumes.


1:25 PM (45min) | WS | Last Gaspe 

A contra dance band, playing Canadian, Irish and American fiddle music that swings.


1:40 PM (25min) | PH | Limanya Drum & Dance Ensemble 

High energy music and dance from Guinea and West Africa.


1:45 PM (25min) | OHL | Sergio Rico Vacilon 

Cuban son-guajira music from Eastern Cuba and Havana.


1:50 PM (25min) | CT | Zaibas Lithuanian Dancers 

Lithuanian folk dances performed in national costumes with descriptive narratives.


1:55 PM (25min) | RS | Sadira & Riad Dance Company 

Joyous, beautiful dances from the Middle East  in authentic costuming and music.


2:00 PM (45 min) | OH | Charanga Agoza 

Afro-Cuban Charanga group fuzing the cha-cha and mambo rhythms with modern salsa sounds.


2:20 PM (45min) | OHL | Chris and Ann Plata 

South Texas musical style combining country, folk, tex-mex, and conjunto elements.


2:25 PM (25min) | PH | Mesoghios Dance Troupe 

Zigan(gypsy) dances from Greece in authentic, antique costumes.


2:35 PM (25min) | CT | Tania Tandias Flamenco & Spanish Dance Company 

Fiery, Flamenco dances from Southern Spain.


2:40 PM (45min) | WS | Cajun Strangers 

Cajun music played on accordion and fiddle, sung in the Cajun French dialect.


2:50 PM (30min) | RS | Taiwan Puppet Troupe

Traditional Taiwanese "Glove Puppet" theater.


3:10 PM (25min) | PH | Kioja Drill Team 

Creating sound through hand/foot motions derived from African communication called Wella-Boot.


3:20 PM (25min) | OH | Danza Tradicional Mexicana 

Promoting the music, and traditions of Mexico through dance.


3:20 PM (45min) | CT | Handphibians 

Brazilian music and cultural traditions in a fun and educational performance.


3:25 PM (45min) | OHL | The Dang-Its Trio 

Roots-oriented music influenced by bluegrass, country swing, rockabilly, folk and Cajun.


3:45 PM (25min) | RS | Tri Bratovchedki Singers 

Traditional songs from Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, and Macedonia.


3:45 PM (45min) | WS | Veseliyka 

Bulgari traditional instrumentation and melodies with a contemporary repertoire.


4:25 PM (45min) | CT | Tani Diakite

Music from Mali that will inspire you to dance.


4:30 PM (45min) | OHL | Yid Vicious Klezmer Ensemble 

Klezmer (Yiddish) fold music for dancin and celebrated served up with chutzpah!


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This project is funded in part by the City of Madison; the Arts Access Fund, a component fund for the Madison Community Foundation; Dane Arts with additional funds from the Evjue Foundation, charitable arm of The Capital Times; and by contributions to Overture Center for the Arts.  Learn how you can be part of supporting Overture’s community and education programs by clicking here.


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