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Gallery III — The Printed World: Artists as Visual Ecologists

Curated by Anders Zanichkowsky

MON, JUN 30 - SUN, SEP 7, 2014


Printmaking is the art medium of broadcast and record. Traditionally, it has been used in the sciences to record and illustrate our knowledge of nature, and by artists at the margins of society to galvanize resistance and revolution. Much of the print’s utility for these purposes lies in the printing process itself, which encourages a layering and duplication of visual ideas, mirroring the patterns and cycles in both the natural world and in society. These relationships between craft, study, and subject(ion) are the focus of this exhibition, which positions printmakers as visual ecologists: creating, populating, and mapping environments both real and imagined.


I intentionally sought a majority of works by women, queer, and transgender artists, since these overlapping groups have historically been denied authority over our own biology and environments, and excluded from the scientific study of such. The diverse group of artists shown here also took widely varied approaches to the theme. Some turn a careful eye to flora and fauna in moments of destruction and intimacy, and remain poised in their dialectics, while others depart and crash with their subjects into scenes of grotesque and comic relief. Some treat time or entropy itself as the landscape, or create micro-worlds out of the same tools we would use to venture beyond that world’s borders. The print with perhaps the most conceptual connection to the rest, Copy + Variant, explores the dissolution of language in the brain of a person with neurodegenerative disease. Together, these prints offer new ways to think about environment, and the artist’s role in preserving and describing it



Image Credit: Anders Zanichkowsky, Doubled Form; Briony Morrow-Cribbs, Polycephone I




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