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Mon, Jun 30 - Sun, Sep 7
Gallery I
Mon, Jun 30 - Sun, Sep 7
Gallery II
Mon, Jun 30 - Sun, Sep 7
Gallery III
Tue, Sep 16 - Sun, Nov 30
Gallery III
Overture Center

One and Again

Juried by Piper Vollmer
Mon, Jul 2 - Sun, Sep 16
Gallery III | 

One and Again is an exhibition exploring images and ideas related to symmetry.

Symmetry is an enduring scaffold for creative production. Across cultures and time, expressions in music, poetry, prose, architecture and design fasten to it. In visual art, it is as primary as red, yellow and blue.

This exhibition is interested in visual expressions of symmetry. While a particular work may utilize symmetry as basic compositional structure, the emphasis is not on symmetry as such. That is to say, this is not a call for strictly symmetrical art. Rather, the selected work will reflect the possible nature(s) of symmetry that have contributed to and risen from its conventional status. The work may point to aspects of symmetry such as (but not limited to) its reliability, its power to satisfy, to comfort, its predictability, its impositions, where it is desirable and why it might be flouted.

Reception: Friday, July 13th 6-8pm in the Promenade Lounge

Artist Include:

Heather Baker
Rachel Durfee
Jessie Eisner-Kleyle
Thomas Ferella
Linda Friend
Pacia Sallomi
Sidaarth Sarupa