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Mon, Jun 30 - Sun, Sep 7
Gallery I
Mon, Jun 30 - Sun, Sep 7
Gallery II
Mon, Jun 30 - Sun, Sep 7
Gallery III
Tue, Sep 16 - Sun, Nov 30
Gallery III
Overture Playhouse Gallery

Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay

Sat, Nov 3 - Sun, Jan 13
Playhouse Gallery | 

This exhibit has been extended until January 13, 2012

Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay, aTz’utuhil Maya artist from San Pedro LL, Sololá Guatemala is a national treasure. He paints images of his native land, people and sacred Maya sites and ceremonies.


Opening Reception: SUN, NOV 4, 5-7PM


Artist Presentations:

Pedro Rafael will talk about his art, its significance and how it relates to the Mayan culture.


SAT, NOV 3, 5-6:30PM

Catholic Multicultural Center, 1862 Beld St.


MON, NOV 5, 12-1PM

UW Madison, 206 Ingraham Hall, 1155 Observatory Drive


TUE, NOV 6, 2-3PM

Edgewood College, Anderson Auditorium



Special thanks to the artist's gallery Arte Maya TzUtuhil for their assistance with the exhibition:

Support for this exhibition: Overture Center for the Arts, Edgewood College (Including Edgewood Art Department, Global Studies, Foreign Language Department, COR, the School of Integrative Studies, and the Latin American Students Association (ALAS)), LACIS NAVE Fund, and the Latin American Caribbean & Iberian Studies Program at UW –Madison, and the Groundwork Collective.

Special thanks to the following for loan of the paintings:
Joseph Johnston, Arte Maya Tz’utuhil, Kryssi Staikidis, Rita Moran, Maya Woman: The Helen Moran Collection

Thanks to Dane Arts, Power2Give, and the following individuals for their support of the exhibition and presentations:

Rebecca Krantz, Jonathan Zarov,  Lynn Persson, Tony Lopez, Ken Loving, Narra Smith Cox, Math Heinzel, Tina Frailey, Sharon Kilfoy, Patricia Brooks, Cathy Loeb and David Griffeath, Ron Schell and Christine Einerson, Leslee Nelson, Rebecca Ryan, Leah Creswell, Babette Wainwright, Jill Pfeiffer, Leslie Grossberg and Judy Kingsbury,  Katherine Loving, James and Barbara Furstenberg Trust, Julia Taylor and Robin Carre

Thanks to Joseph Johnston and Mario Garcia Sierra for all their work to bring the artist and his paintings to Madison.




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