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Mon, Jan 26
Overture Hall
Thu, Sep 25
Promenade Terrace
Sat, Aug 16
Capitol Theater
Thu, Aug 28
Capitol Theater

Radiolab Live: In The Dark

Featuring special guests Pilobolus, Thao Nguyen & Dave Foley
Sun, Sep 30, 2012 | 8 PM
Overture Hall | 
$28.50 - $48.50
Running time: 2 Hours

Join Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich as they take the stage to explore what it’s like to be In the Dark—with modern dancer-athletes Pilobolus and musician Thao Nguyen, who will score the show live. In the Dark will be a night of gripping stories, wonder-inducing demonstrations, and jaw-dropping images. We’ll hear an astronaut’s harrowing experience during a space-walk, take a peek inside two very different realities described by two blind men, and imagine, step-by-step, how something as utterly complex as the eye could have evolved.


Radiolab, produced by WNYC in New York, sounds like nothing else on the radio. An immersive, perspective-shaking experience, Radiolab is an expedition of the mind-where vivid storytelling, cutting-edge sound design, and a genre-bending spirit of inquiry pull listeners into a world of curiosity and discovery.


Radiolab’s signature sound derives from an electric chemistry between hosts Jad Abumrad, an award-winning radio producer, and Robert Krulwich, a highly-acclaimed science reporter. Together, they bring a sense of surprise, humor, and hands-on eagerness to complex topics, and explore big ideas with an infectious enthusiasm for the mysteries of science, and the magic of real-life experiences.

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