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Mon, Jun 30 - Sun, Sep 7
Gallery I
Mon, Jun 30 - Sun, Sep 7
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Mon, Jun 30 - Sun, Sep 7
Gallery III
Tue, Sep 16 - Sun, Nov 30
Gallery III
Fresco Opera Theatre

The Real Divas of Dane County

Fri, Mar 22, 2013 - Sun, Mar 24, 2013
Playhouse Gallery | 
$25 - $0
Running time: 2 hours

This is the true story of opera singers... picked to live in a house... to have their lives taped... to find out what happens... when they exit the stage and get real. Fresco Opera Theatre continues to present classical opera in new and fresh ways. This time around, we dive into the "reality television" genre, with an original storyline set to classical operatic repertoire.


Fresco Opera has all the tradition, majesty, and prestige of your traditional opera while making it fun, engaging and snarky. Rookies to the genre will be introduced to opera through this fast and approachable performance. Seasoned opera fans will see a refreshing take on the art form.