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Mon, Jun 30 - Sun, Sep 7
Gallery I
Mon, Jun 30 - Sun, Sep 7
Gallery II
Mon, Jun 30 - Sun, Sep 7
Gallery III
Tue, Sep 16 - Sun, Nov 30
Gallery III
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Timeless Visions

Center for Photography at Madison Women's Group
Mon, Sep 24 - Sun, Dec 9
Gallery I | 

Timeless Visions highlights the distinctive vision of women in photography. Women through history have influenced and played a significant but often hidden role in photography, which has traditionally been considered a male-dominated profession. The exhibit will highlight black and white photos from across the spectrum of landscape, still life, nature, portraiture and documentary subjects.


Contributing Artists: Amy Stocklein, Ann Thering, Ann Marie Waterhouse, Annette Knapstein, Becky McKenzie, Carolyn Knorr, Connie Pernitz, Diane Kravetz, Diane Hammer, Dorith Steinberg, Dory Blobner, Eloisa Callender, Fay Ferrington, Georgia NeSmith, Jan Karst, Kay Gundlach, Lisa Seidman, Marcia Getto, Margarett Peterson, Mary Gordon, Monica Mack, Noelle Larsen, Paulette Walker Smith, Peggy Wireman, Rebecca Gongora, Stacey Meanwell, and Sylvia Poppelbaum.


Image Credit: Noelle Larsen, Thinking in the Sun


Reception: Friday, October 5th 6-8pm in the Promenade Lounge