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Charitable Organization Donation Requests


The purpose of the Overture Center donation program is driven by our Mission Statement, to advance the development of arts in the community.


In order to help reach that goal, we offer a pair of tickets from a preselected list of shows as a ticket certificate for fundraisers. The ticket certificate is good only for the shows listed on it.  It has no cash value. The criteria we will use to decide if we can issue a ticket certificate for your fundraiser are as follows:


1. Organizations must be a non-profit organization. Please include a copy of your organization’s non-profit tax ID number with your request if you have one.


2. Organizations must be located within the eight county Thrive Madison region* to be considered.

*Columbia, Dodge, Jefferson, Rock, Green, Iowa, Sauk & Dane counties.


3. All donations for tickets are limited to auctions and/or raffles. It is our policy not to donate tickets to be used as door-prizes, volunteer recognition gifts or giveaways.


4. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we have had to make difficult choices about how to support organizations in the community. Rather than give ticket certificates to PTOs or other school organizations, we have chosen to support schools through our Kids in the Rotunda, OnStage and Take 10 programs. Find out more about these and other community programs at  


4. Please send us a short follow up report specifying the amount raised by our donation and the total amount raised through the fundraising event. Please send it to the address on the application form within one month of completion of your fundraiser. This information must be received in order to be eligible for a donation the following calendar year.


5. All requests must be received in writing via fax or mail to the address below on your organization’s letterhead at the beginning of the previous yearly quarter of the event date.


  • If your event happens during the months of September -  November, we need your request by the previous June 1st. Certificates will be mailed out in August.
  • If your event happens during the months of December - February, we need your request by the previous September 1st. Certificates will be mailed out in November.
  • If your event happens during the months of March – May, we need your request by the previous December 1st. Certificates will be mailed out in February.
  • If your event happens during the months of June – August, we need your request by the previous March 1st. Certificates will be mailed out in May.


Please take a moment to complete a ticket certificate application to be considered for a donation.



May we get tickets to one of the Broadway shows?

Overture Center partners with Broadway Across America and the producers of the shows. Because of our partners' restrictions, Overture Center cannot offer tickets to Broadway productions.


 What’s the value of the donation?

The retail pricing for the donation will depend on the show(s) offered. A good general estimate of the value is $65 retail for the pair.


I didn’t get my application in on time – can we still be considered?

We will try but we can’t guarantee it.


May we get more than one pair of tickets?

Due to the high volume of requests that we receive for fundraising, we cannot offer more than one pair of tickets.


We have two separate fundraisers during the year, can we get ticket certificates for both of them?

Unfortunately we are unable to do that due to the high volume of requests we receive.


May we choose which show the donation is for?

You can request a show, but determination will be made by Overture Center staff according to show availability. Broadway shows will not be included.


May I send you a fax or an email request letter?

We will try our best to use the information you send us, but if it is incomplete, we will give priority to applications that answer all the questions on the form.