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About Subscription Purchases

Purchasing your tickets

For many of our family-friendly shows, you can now order $3.50 lap seats for young children ahead of time.

Priority processing
Several factors influence your priority when it comes to subscription order processing. The more of these criteria you meet, the earlier your subscription will be processed and the better your seats will be. Priority processing is not guaranteed for orders received after May 9.
The sooner, the better.
The opening date for priority processing is April 25, 2014. After that, the sooner you get your order in, the sooner it will be processed.
The more, the better.
Priority can depend on how many shows you select: You only need to pick 4 shows to subscribe, but if you pick at least 6, you’ll add to your priority. Choosing 8 or more shows gives you even more of an advantage. (Remember that your Broadway package counts as 5 shows toward any Pick 4-6-8 subscription.)
Consider a donation.
Support of Overture’s free and low-cost community and education programs, and if you donate $100 or more to the Ovation Fund, we’ll give you added priority. Each step up in current membership level increases your priority, and so does each year of donating. We’d like to thank you for helping thousands of others in our community get involved in the arts!
Your patronage matters.
If you’ve subscribed any time from 2005 forward, the number of years you’ve subscribed will give you an advantage. (Note: If you’re a new subscriber, you’re automatically adding priority to your order next year!)
Volunteering helps.
If you’re an active volunteer, you’ll get added priority as a thank-you for your vital contributions to Overture—we couldn’t do it without you!
Increase your priority right now.
Get your order in by the opening date, pick more shows, and/or add a gift of $100 or more to your order form.
Increase your priority for next year.
Subscribe and/or add a donation to your order form this year. You can also volunteer by calling 608.258.4157.

In many cases you can swap your ticket for a different date or a different performance. A $2 per ticket fee and some restrictions apply. Call the ticket office subscriber line at 608.258.4143 for details.

Group tickets
Create a memorable event for your family, business, social, civic or school group. Groups of fifteen or more receive personalized service, deferred payment options and discounts on most performances. Learn more about our group ticket options.

Visit the Overture Ticket Office, located in the main level of Overture Center's Rotunda Lobby at 201 State Street, or call 608.258.4141. Our friendly ticket sales assistants can help you with ticket purchases, seating, discounts, accessibility considerations and more.
Learn more about the Ticket Office, including hours of operation.